A list of my projects from the last while. The include personal and commercial ideas, code and not-code businesses and apps.

JobSaver for LinkedIn

A little browser extension that makes job hunting on LinkedIn a bit more bearable.

When on the job search page of LinkedIn, it adds 2 buttons that let you save job listings to a list and download it as a CSV. You can then open it in Excel or Sheets and track your applications. Currently only available for Chrome but I plan on converting for Firefox asap.

Link to Chrome Web Store listing

Standard Drink Calculator

This is a little personal project of mine which I use quite often. In some countries, there is a standard formula for calculating the number of drinks in a measure of alcohol, each "standard drink" being roughly equivalant to one shot, one bottle of beer or a glass of wine. This is printed on the label and I use it often when I'm at home. But when I was traveling in Europe I noticed it wasn't in some countries, so I made a online calculator to always have it available. It's useful for knowing how many drinks you should buy to serve at a party or take for a weekend trip.

NZ Scratch Posters

Some friends and I have been working on this idea for a couple years. The concept is a poster of the most common fish species in New Zealand, each covered by a little square of foil (like a lottery ticket), which the fisher scratches of when they catch them (or claim too). We have the posters printed and sell them from an online store and in person.

NZ Scratch Posters

I am open to work right now, so if you would like to contact me, feel free to email me through here.